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Make the most of your available space with a new cellar conversion. Serving clients throughout Harrogate, Ripon, and Knaresborough, we ensure that you receive a premier service. Our cellar conversion options come with damp proofing, so you won't encounter any problems in the long term. 

A cellar or loft conversion is a great way to gain more space, without the cost of acquiring more land. Our team provide an option that blends in with your existing dècor, giving you usable space increases the functionality of your home. For further information on the conversions that we have provided in the past, please request one of our case studies. All the team are happy to answer any questions that you have

Meeting Your Needs


Working around your budget, our team provide a solution that adds space to your property. All we ask is that you provide a minimum upfront fee that we use to purchase construction materials and other requisites. Once the conversion is complete, we clean the area. This allows you to carpet and furnish your new room.


In most residential settings, cellar conversion is accompanied by certain issues that concern ventilation, insulation, and waterproofing. All this is taken care of by our experts in the first place. This means that you do not have to worry about these problems in the future. We work hard to give you a great experience, as we're built on positive recommendations and great results.

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